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Das Original-Brettspiel zur erfolgreichen Buchreihe

A captivating board game for ages 8 and up based on the successful book series by Katja Brandis. The ideal gift - not only for Woodwalkers fans!

Welcome ...

Age 8+, Game
Released on 15.09.2022
€ 34,95

Das Puzzle zur erfolgreichen Buchreihe

500 pieces puzzle for children and adults.

Who is peering mysteriously out from between the leaves and fir branches? That's Carag, the puma shifter, and Tikaani, ...

Age 8+, Puzzle
Released on 19.01.2023
€ 14,95

Ein Duellkartenspiel für Kinder ab 9 Jahren

The card game that goes with the famous Woodwalkers series by Katja Brandis.

Back at Clearwater High, the pupils have to do one-on-one duels for the subject ...

Age 9+, Game
Released on 17.08.2023
€ 24,95